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      Welcome to my blog... i'm krishnaveni pechiyappan. I'm very proud to share about my lovable home town RAJAPALAYAM. I hope you all like my blog...and keep on read and watch my blog....Thanks to all who visit my blog....


Rajapalayam is a town situated in Virudhunagar district in Tamil Nadu state. And it is located at 85 km from southwest of Madurai in Tamil Nadu state. Total population in Rajapalayam is 130,442. This town is surrounded by many attractions places such as temples and tourist places. There are three colleges and many matriculation, government and government aided schools and polytechnic colleges are running in Rajapalayam, so as the students from nearer villages are attains more benefits. And there are many private and governament hosiptals in Rajapalayam. In Rajapalayam two police stations are located to avoid malpractice and crimes. The main economy in Rajapalayam is textiles manufacture. There are many spinning and weaving cotton mills and large cotton market. Rajapalayam is mainly called as Rajapalayam breed of dogs.


Bus Facilities

Rajapalayam has two bus stands such as old bus stand and new bus stand. The old bus stand is used for the city bus stand and the new bus stand on  Sankarankovil Road is used for mofussil buses stop. Many buses are frequently shuttle between Madurai and Rajapalayam via Srivilliputtur and thirunelveli via Sankarankovil and also for Aruppukottai via Srivilliputtur, Sivakasi & Virudhunagar and vice versa. Many Omni buses serve for Chennai and Bengaluru during night times. And also many SETC buses are used for the people to go Chennai & Bengaluru. And for interior transport of the town is share auto, auto and mini buses which are used for people to travel in the town.

Train Facilities

Express Trains
Most famous train “The Podhigai Express SuperFast train” (12661) is serves from Chennai Egmore to Sengottai and another train "The Podhigai Express SuperFast train" (12662) is serves from Sengottai to Chennai Egmore
Passenger Trains
In Rajapalayam 3 passenger train services from Madurai to Sengottai
09.00 AM, 01.20 PM and 07.05 PM respectively.
Likewise 3 passenger train services from Sengottai to Madurai .
 08.30 AM, 01.25 PM and 05.20 PM respectively. 

There are many temples such as amman, sivan, murugan and perumal temples in Rajapalayam. For each temple it has one traditional stories. And the festival of each temples are celebrated on respective auspicious month in every year.

  • Sri Vettai Venkata Perumal Temple
  • Kannimari Temple
  • Mayuranatha swamy Temple
  • Ramar Temple
  • Arulmigu mariamman Temple
  • Krishna Temple
  • Karuppa Gynaniyar Temple
  • Sri Rengapalayam Vinayakar Temple
  • Kothandaramar Temple
  • Saliyar Shri Ramasamy Temple
  • Avarampattai Perumal Temple
  • Chokkar Temple
  • Murugan Temple
  • Gurunathan Temple
  • Pachamadam mariamman Temple
  • Kaliyamman Temple
  • Throwpathi Amman Temple
  • Saibaba Temple


Main tourist places in Rajapalayam are Ayyanar falls, Shenbagathoppu and Sanjeevi hills.

Ayyanar Falls

Ayyanar Falls is most famous tourist place in Rajapalayam. The name Ayyanar is given to these falls because there is a small forest temple named Ayyanar Temple beside the falls. This falls is situated in the Western Ghats and its gets water source mainly in the season of North East monsoon rain. The water in the falls is mainly used as drinking water for Rajapalayam people. A dam is situated on the way to Ayyanar Falls that provides water for entire city.

The falls also serves as the source of water for the animals like Monkey, Elephant, Deer and Buffalo living in the forests of Western ghats.

Sanjeevi Hills 

Sanjeevi Hills is another famous place in Rajapalayam. This is a small hill situated in south-west Rajapalayam. A Murugan Temple is located at top part of the hills, and this murugan temple is famous during Karthigai Deepam in thirukarthigai day of every year. This hills includes auspicious and medicinal plants. According to mythology this hills was carried by Lord Hanuman from Dronagiri to cure Lakshman and Rama and the Vaanara army who had fained and wounded during war. 


 is another famous tourist place in Rajapalayam, and it occupies 480 square kilometres. This sanctuary is contiguous with the Periyar tiger reserve on the south-western side and the Megamalai reserve forest on the north-western side. The altitude differs from 100 m to 2010 m above sea level. 

The sanctuary is home to the endangered, arboreal grizzled giant squirrel Ratufa macrora. This greyish brown squirrel weighs from 1 kg to 1.8 kg and is in the size of a small cat. It measures about 735 mm long from nose to tail, with the tail measuring from 360 mm to 400 mm long. These squirrels construct drays at forked branches where the crowns of neighbouring trees meet, enabling these squirrels to move away from the site by jumping from tree to tree when threatened.


The Rajapalayam, also known as a Poligar hound, is an Indian Sighthound. Rajapalayam hounds were primarily bred and utilized by Nayakar Dynasty of Tamil Nadu. This dog is used in the breeding of the modern Dalmatian. The Rajapalayam dog was used during the Carnatic Wars and Polygar war to attack the British cavalry in battle and it is very fast, strong and aggressive in attacking the opponents.